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Available Consulting Services

HR Practices Review and Reporting
A comprehensive review of all HR policies, procedures, programs, files and materials is available. Areas of deficiency, vulnerabilities and necessary revisions to meet acceptable levels of legal compliance will be identified. We can create a system that allows for accurate record keeping to meet requirements of both state and federal regulations. Data management reports essential for tracking and analyzing data and measuring results are also available.

Employee Relations
Customized employee satisfaction surveys, performance evaluation systems, conflict resolution, training and support, team building, counseling techniques, exit interviews and data analysis, retention strategies, employee communications, rewards, recognition and staff development are available.

Employment Laws and Regulations
Become familiar and stay in compliance with laws regarding ADA, FMLA, wage and hour, discrimination, equal pay, retaliation, harassment, privacy, violence in the workplace, COBRA, HIPPA, Employment at Will, progressive discipline procedures, legal terminations, EEOC reporting and compliance, unemployment, civil service and JCAHO.

Policies, Procedures and Documents
HRMS will create new or will review existing management manuals, handbooks, HR forms, and job descriptions ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and providing the customization that meets the needs of the workforce.

HRMS provides objective staff to perform thorough and confidential workplace investigations of employee complaints and grievances including equal employment, sexual harassment and hostile work environment.

Selection and Placement
Recruitment services are available for all positions including Executives.  Services include any of the following: screening applicants, testing, interviewing, presenting top applicants, reference checking, background checks, drug screens, job offers and development of orientation programs.

Employment Related Services
Assistance with unemployment claims, layoffs, mergers, terminations, hiring, EEOC charges, compensation plans and incentive systems can be provided.

HR Questions Answered
A program of ongoing support and advice for your HR questions and issues.

Our Brochure: HRMS brochure pdf.pdf